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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Going south, down the road a piece from my hometown is a town called Ashmore IL. There is a cemetery there that has a "witches" grave. Drive out Oakland Rd North a ways and there is a cemetery on the left called St. Omer Cemetery. The driveway is mostly grass and the cemetery is a little ways back. Long ago, just north of the cemetery  there was a town in the 1800's called St. Omer. The town did pretty good until.....
Legend has it that there was a young woman named Caroline Barnes, that townspeople hung for practicing witchcraft. She was said to have cursed the town and told them that she will come back for revenge on the anniversary of her death.
So being afraid of her threats, when they buried her, on her tombstone they inscribed her death date as Feb. 31,1882 thinking she can't come back for revenge because there will never be an anniversary of her death.
The tombstone looks like a crystal ball or full moon sitting on top of a stack of logs. There are 4 members of the Barnes family buried here. The next two pictures were taken on a different day than the rest of them.
 They never found any records of  her death, but according to local history, her husband Marcus died from a weird accident at the saw mill then a couple of months later Caroline died from pneumonia. It's weird that there are no death records don't you think?  People have reported orbs here but I didn't get any on the many pictures that I took. But it was a lot cooler by her grave than other parts of the cemetery. (maybe just from the big tree) I did get a strange feeling though, like something wanted me to go away, only in this spot in the cemetery. of times peoples pictures don't turn out here or their batteries were drained. I say mine turned out pretty good. But I did have to change batteries once. I don't know if they were drained or just used up, because I took several pictures before I got here.
  The legend lives on but the town eventually faded away when the railroad came in to nearby towns...... Or was it really from the curse of  young Caroline seeking revenge on the town that unfairly judged her indifference's?
  There are a few remnants left of the town, just the remains of an old school and a church that was located on the Barnes property.  A tragedy that happened to many towns if the railroad didn't go through it.
 Some folks have said that the ball on top of Caroline's tombstone glows sometimes. So whether the legend of the witches grave is true or not, I guess we will never know, for lack of historic records, but it still makes for a fun haunting day out taking pictures, looking for ghosts. and telling the witch's story. No orbs were found on any pictures taken here, Just a cool looking tombstone and a fun legend to tell.